You are here


I'm happy you're here, thank you. Welcome...

My name is Brandon. That's me in the chat box on the bottom, there. Howdy. 

You’re here…Engaging in my life’s work. Thank you.

I hope you like it!

That’s not accurate.

I hope you fall in love...

Elon said something that got me thinking…

Well, thinking might not be the right word. The gears weren’t turning upstairs.

I guess I was thankful when I came across the quote.

I felt supported, in a way. Validated.

Encouraged! Bingo, thats the word.



Good evening, how are ya?

Happy new year in a few hours, I hope it's blessed and prosperous!

So, I was speaking with someone the other day and she asked, "why haven't we heard of you?"

The question was asked by her other half, and...


As always, I hope you're well and having a blessed holiday season with the ones close to you.

First, Merry Christmas, belated yes, but my tree is still up, and I have a good feeling yours is too.

Seriously though, I truly hope you've...